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Let me give you a little teaser while you wait for your book to arrive…

The Ouroborus Key is set mostly along the Colorado/Wyoming border in that part of the Rockies that remains obscure; hidden by snow and rocks and mysterious woods.

Now imagine a world that we all know about, one we read about in books, see on film, hear about on dark nights around campfires. A world where magic is commonplace and the gods involve themselves in mortal lives. Our world, in fact. Out in the open yet disguised as myths, legends and fairytales.

Daniel is a budding photographer about to launch his art to the world when he mysteriously disappears.

His friend, Nick, is investigating another missing person. A professor specialising in myths and legends has vanished from her Denver home.

Sisters, Eliana and Serena, understand the meaning of service and sacrifice better than most. They live between two worlds, the known and hidden, and await only the arrival of The Ouroborus Key to unlock their shared destiny.

Deep in the Rocky Mountains, destiny is about to hit everybody ready or not.

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