When writing is not writing: preparing the way

I spend a lot of time on research and marketing, which means less time on putting words to paper (or to keyboard). I feel like I’m not writing at all yet without research, I have nothing to write about. Without marketing, I have nothing to write for.

Research gives me storylines, descriptions, and information while marketing gives me readers and the all important publishing contract.

Soon though, the research will slow down as characters emerge and start to share their stories with me. At some point, in the next week or so, pen will finally meet paper and my next manuscript will be on its way.

Marketing never stops though so while I’m still in the research phase, I’m attempting to really push myself and get out there. Most of it is through social media as it’s the easiest to squeeze into my packed schedule. It can also be pre-programmed though I could automate far more than I do – I prefer a more personal touch. For my online journal, Just Write, I personally source most of the content (which means I’m also learning a lot as I go).

The next step on my story writing path (research phase) is to visit locations, museums and galleries. In these places I will find descriptions, atmosphere, and backgrounds. Here, I will come to understand touch, sight and sound so that while I’m writing I can draw on my experiences to flesh out the world my characters live in. Just writing about it is exciting. I can’t wait. And neither can my characters!


Exciting news!

Today I signed a contract with Odyssey Books for my next novel. wooho!! 

The prospective release date is November this year. In the meantime, editing and book cover design decisions need to be made. So much fun! 

This one is set in southern Sydney (my stomping ground) and is another urban fantasy. 

Stay tuned for updates!