Are your header images fuzzy? Five steps to improve your Facebook header images

There are a lot of fuzzy Facebook header (or cover) images out there. Until recently, mine was one of them. I went to the optometrist to have my glasses updated, but the problem was still there. My lovingly created images looked great in Photoshop and blurry once uploaded to Facebook.

After emptying my wallet for the new glasses I went to the well of all “how to” knowledge, YouTube, and did some research.

Here are Five Steps to improving your Facebook header images:

Step One: make sure your image is the right size.

Guide to image sizes for social media pages (this guide promises to be always up to date and covers a variety of platforms)

Step Two: if you don’t have Photoshop or something similar on your computer, use a web version such as Canva or Picmonkey. Click on this link for some useful tools: 36 Free Tools for Creating Unique Images This list also includes links for making infographics and charts.

Step Three: You need some good resolution images; preferably ones you own copyright to or have purchased the license for. You will need one good size landscape oriented image that can form the “backdrop” of your header. If you want to add your book cover or a smaller image for some other purpose, then portrait orientation adds a little contrast (note you will need a small profile picture as well).

A Patricia Leslie original...

A Patricia Leslie original…

Step Four: Open the images up in your graphic software and create your header as per the correct size for your platform (they are all different).

Step Five: Once you have it looking just the way you want, save it somewhere so you can access it later if you need to. Then, save the image as a .png-24. In Photoshop, this is under File – Save for web & devices.

That’s it. Now upload your image to Facebook. It should be looking much sharper than usual. If it isn’t, check the resolution of your original images – the higher the better.

Check out my Facebook page: Patricia Leslie


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