Why did you set your novel there? Choosing the right location for your stories.

I’ve been asked a few times why I chose to set The Ouroboros Key in the USA when I live in Australia.

After all, Australia has mountains, rivers, caves, and mystery. Yes, it does. I love visiting the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Jenolan Caves are amazing, kayaking on any of our rivers is always a day well spent, and there are plenty of mysteries and strange stories set locally that I could share. I agree.

The only trouble was that I wanted to set this particular story on a Snake River – a real one – and I couldn’t find any Snake River’s in Australia. I could find one in America and as it so happened, not too far from an area I had visited several times in Colorado. From there it was easy. The Rocky Mountains also outstrip our Great Dividing Range in height and the weather is wilder.

Little Snake River

Little Snake River runs through Wyoming and Colorado

Naturally, when I wanted mystical, I headed south of Colorado and into New Mexico. Specifically, the Ancient Pueblo cultures where so many ruins remain studded throughout the landscape. Another reason for choosing this area is that the Pueobloan’s used underground rooms. A purveying theme (location wise) in The Ouroboros Key is “underground”.

The town of Smiggin’s Rest is completely fictional. The description is loosely based on Warrandyte in Victoria, Australia, which is on the steep banks of the Yarra River.

I wanted to mix the real with the unreal on multiple levels of the story and in finding locations that exist and melding them with those that don’t, I felt I achieved that.

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