The old and the new: Reflections and planning for the new year.

Like so many others, I’m spending some time today reflecting on the past 12 months. I’ve had a few ups this year.

The Ouroboros Key

The Ouroboros Key

My first novel was published in March at an Independent Book Fair in Canberra. I organised a launch closer to home in April at The Tradies Club, Gymea.

It was a lovely if nerve-wracking evening and nearly everyone that came bought a copy of The Ouroboros Key, which meant I received a nice little royalty cheque a few months later.

My daughters holding me up after my book launch speech in April.

My daughters holding me up after my book launch speech in April.

My eldest daughter finished university with an Honours degree in Anthropology (though she doesn’t actually graduate until March so we get to celebrate twice for that event).

My youngest daughter finished high school with some not too shabby marks and a Band 6 in Music.

My middle daughter transferred universities and switched to International Studies with some impressive plans for the future.

I started researching for a new novel, which I hope to start writing in 2015. It’s set in Sydney so I’ll be able to schedule lots of day trips for research purposes, spend time in the local archives, and read work by local authors. My daughter asked if there would be magic and conspiracy. I hadn’t planned it but its early days and the more I read the more relative conspiracy theories seem to be. I’m sure I could work a little bit of magic in as well.

And, my husband and I went on a well-earned holiday in Vietnam!



My downs include being so busy in my day job that I haven’t had the energy to write. I’m hoping that with my new story idea, inspiration and excitement will add fuel to my fire.

Writers Unleashed Festival, Gymea 2014

Writers Unleashed Festival, Gymea 2014

Learning that I’m not a very good face-to-face salesperson: I find it hard talking myself (and therefore my novel) up and convincing people what a great idea it would be to part with some money… What I need is to team up with someone who loves to talk and knows what to say.

I think that’s about it for the downs. All in all, a pretty good year.

I don’t make resolutions. I do make plans.

In 2015, I will work on my half-finished novel, start my new one, travel as much as possible, and work on the shy, retiring side of my personality.

My tips for New Year’s Eve?

Make sure the bubbly is icy-cold, the cheese platter is at room temperature, and the people that matter most are nearby.



Today’s Featured Author: Patricia Leslie

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Into Another World

Please welcome author Patricia Leslie to Into Another World. Her book, The Ouroboros Key, came out earlier this year.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

This is where I stand up straight and tall, and declare that “I am and always will be a book-aholic!” I do not go anywhere without a book. I usually have a notebook and pen stashed away somewhere as well. I have managed to raise three intelligent children who also carry books around with them (and quite often have notebooks and pens too). I am very proud.

My background is purely non-academic though always creative – from writing, drawing, and photography to desktop publishing and graphic design. And (in the privacy of my living room with the blinds drawn sharply closed and all doors locked) I love to dance! I also love art galleries, exploring old buildings, listening to music that makes me…

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