Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram?


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Which do you like to use best?

I love to write so naturally, blogging is up the top of my list. However, and perhaps in a contradictory way, when it comes to social media I use Twitter the most. It’s quick, easy, and I can communicate much faster with people than I can on any other social media or blog platform.

I have Facebook and Pinterest accounts, which I regularly use and also an Instagram account floating around somewhere, but for some reason these don’t work as well for me. Content seems to be an issue with Facebook as I can’t quite manage much in the way of engagement. I’m not sure if that’s because the majority of the likers are from a program I signed up for a while ago which offered  “likes for likes”. That is, I like other author facebook pages and they like me in return. It boosted my numbers, but the authors rarely participate any further. I am guilty of that as well – if their pages don’t interest me, I don’t click on their posts. However, when they do (and there are a number who post great images and funny quotes), I definitely will hit the “like” button.  Obviously, I am doing something not quite right as my images and quotes are only being clicked on by people who know me personally (thanks, extended family).

The funny thing is that I manage another Facebook page (Abandoned Australia) and it attracts lots of engagement. The difference between the two is content and, I believe, duplication. There are loads of authors on Facebook trying to promote themselves. I’m just one little tadpole in a pool overflying with frogs. My alternative page (not an author page) has only a handful of similar pages to compete with. In that pool, I’m at least at the frog status.

Facebook is more complicated than Twitter, yet the same issues apply with a slight twist. I’m still a tadpole in a giant pool, but the other tadpoles are all active, more interested in a quick share (retweet), and we have easier access to the frogs.

I have an alternative Twitter identity as well (three in total), which I use to promote #womeninsport, follow social media news, and share anything else I find interesting. This twitter account is very active and is not connected at all to Facebook. Through this account, I run a couple of online Paperli newspapers and communicate with several contacts from the world of women’s sport. I manage all my Twitter feeds through the Hootsuite dashboard (which I’ve written about before: TrishAnders) and I can easily use it across multiple devices – pc, Ipad, and Iphone.

Ease of connection across devices is another reason I find Twitter more enjoyable. I always have my phone and there are always people posting tweets I’m interested in.

Pinterest is another thing entirely. While quite addictive, I use pinterest more as an archive of images I find interesting – photography, paintings, quotes, design, fashion, food. My boards are built around my author identity and I have feeds that collect images to do with the settings in my novel (and future stories), food from the regions mentioned in the novel, inspirational quotes for writers (and readers, and basically anything I find inspirational), writer’s nooks, etc. Again, I can whip out my phone, scroll through the accounts I’m following and quickly pin the images I like. My pins go directly to my Twitter account so that helps keep me active there as well.

pinterest board

As an author, I just don’t find Instagram that useful. Any images I take while doing authorly-type activities I post straight to Twitter and Facebook. There’s not that many so maintaining another account is not worth it (I’d much rather be tweeting about the latest news in netball or women’s footy or sharing interesting links to writing competitions, festivals, and useful articles).

I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences with any of the above social media or about platforms I’m not currently involved in so if you have information and links to share please leave a comment. You don’t have to be an author. I’m interested in who uses what and why…




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