The Ouroboros Key: book launch wrap up & tips

My daughters holding me up after my speech.

My daughters holding me up after my speech. Kalin, Toni, Patricia, Cheyne


After weeks of nervous anticipation, The Ouroboros Key Launch was held on Thursday night 24th April at the Tradies Club, Gymea.

And I survived!

The speaking had me worried the most, but in the end, I was fine and even remembered the key public speaking tips:

1. Always look up at your audience

2. Occasionally make eye contact

3. Be humorous if you can

4. Try to remember some of what you wanted to say

5. Do not imbibe alcohol before you start

The second thing I was worried about was having to mingle (even though I knew almost everyone in the room). Here’s a great tip if you’re not a natural mingler or networker – you’ll be so excited and upbeat that it won’t be a problem!

Public speaking and mingling (intelligently) are two of my biggest fears, which I have now conquered (well, almost), and if I can do it anyone else can too.

Other than preparing to speak, other things you need to put some thought about are the venue, the room layout, what to provide in the way of refreshments, selling books, and signing books. I’m going to do a whole post on those items separately in the next few days. In the meantime, back to me!

My daughter, Cheyne, was keen to act as MC and she did a great job. The public speaking fear did certainly not pass down to her. She did a great job and was so proud to be up there introducing me as an author that I nearly starting tearing up.

MC Cheyne did a great job!

I did feel the tears though as soon as I started talking. Before I finished the first sentence everyone in the room could tell I was getting emotional. I later found out that most of my audience started to feel the tears themselves (the room was packed with empathetic friends)!

I said something funny, along the lines of “oh, shit I’m going to cry!”, took a deep breath and moved on quickly. The tears came under control and I managed to reach the end without mishap. We kept the official proceedings brief and went straight into having a snack and a drink. I went over to my signing table and my guests hovered between the refreshments, the bar, and the queue to purchase The Ouroboros Key.

I had been a little worried about what to write in each person’s copy of the book, but that too went smoothly, and I made sure everyone signed my guest book as well. Someone provided a plate of food and a glass of wine, and I enjoyed the rest of the evening immensely.

The Ouroboros Key

The Ouroboros Key

My publicist, Lyn, on my right and my event manager, Lynne, on my left.

My publicist, Lyn, on my right and my event manager, Lynne, on my left.










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4 thoughts on “The Ouroboros Key: book launch wrap up & tips

  1. Great post and some very helpful tips! I’ll try and remember them. I’m really nervous about this stuff and have an event coming up, so I was great to read a post from someone who has the same fears and conquered them!

    • Hi Tracy. It won’t ever be my favourite thing to do but knowing I survived it once will help the next time. I hope. Good luck with your launch. I’m looking forward to meeting you at the book expo in August.

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