Chaco Canyon

An extract from The Ouroboros Key has been posted at Mommy Adventures with Ravina. Go read it. I’ll wait….


Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

I was so glad to see that this was the scene used for the extract as it’s one part in the story (in fact, all of the New Mexico scenes) that I can directly put some photographs to and share with you. Even though it was written before I went on my research trip to New Mexico and Colorado, it was wonderful to arrive at Chaco Canyon and see first-hand the landscape I had visualised. I had poured over images, articles and books on New Mexico, joined online forums and pestered strangers with questions, but it was nothing compared to going to the locations and experiencing them.

Chaco Canyong

edge of wall and a cairn at Chaco Canyon

If you’re interested in the ancient Puebloans at all, you need to go to New Mexico. The Aztec Ruins, Chaco and Mesa Verde are fabulous! Chaco and Mesa Verde are vast areas where a person can easily feel quite small and lost. We were able to visit areas where there weren’t other tourists and just “feel” the landscape and its history. The ruins at Aztec allowed us to walk around, over and crawl through homes and religious buildings that had been restored (or copies built new) as well as buildings where all that remained was a ring of rocks.

Chaco Canyon

Just one of the many ruined pueblos in Chaco Canyon

While this ancient culture isn’t a major part of the story as a whole, it serves as a foundation for the theme around the tenuous link between reality and dream, and past, present and future.


This cut in the rocks forms part of the walk to the top of the plateau at Chaco Canyon. It is very steep!

Chaco Canyon

The canyon walls were as inspiring as the ruins and views of the Canyon

Follow me on Facebook. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting photos of other areas in New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming that I visited on my 2005 road-trip.


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