The next step on a debut novelist’s journey

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

This time a couple of weeks ago I anxiously awaited news that my novel had indeed arrived at my publisher’s office from the printer (it was a very tight schedule). Once that was ticked off my checklist, my anxiety moved to the release at the Blurred Lines Indie Publishing Fair (Canberra) over the weekend. What would I wear? What would I say? Would anyone actually purchase my book and request it signed?

The line, Keep it simple stupid, helped me through the whole weekend and my lovely friends, Michele, John and Madelaine ensured someone indeed purchased and requested my autograph (Four copies – above and beyond!).

Every day since then has been a new experience as the roll-out of availability, first Amazon and then the Book Depository took effect. I’ve had my first review (a good one, what a relief!), becoming an official Goodreads Author, and an upcoming blog tour (starts 17th April).

I’ve also started organising a book launch. Next, will be what on earth am I going to speak about…

Author talks keep being suggested. somewhat tentatively, by my friends. They all know I don’t like to speak in public and aren’t quite sure how I’m going to handle it. Again, I will keep it simple, and just not think about it until I have too.

I’m booking into a few talks and workshops at the Sydney Writer’s Festival at the end of May in order to look at how other authors present themselves, what they talk about, and to get ideas for presentations I can pitch to writer’s festivals. I’m taking this part a little slower in order to familiarise myself with talking in public first and to convince myself that I won’t make a complete hash of it (yes, I do have a confidence problem).

One appearance that I’m not worried about at all is a Twitter View with OB Book Tours on the 20th April. Twitter is one of my favourite toys!



Catch up on all the latest via Twitter (including the Twitter View). @PatriciaLeslieA






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