The Last Supper

Last night I attended an art gallery opening for Ken & Julia Yonetani’s: The Last Supper, Kaldor Family Collection: Artist Room #2 – Francis Alÿs and Bill Viola, and Striking Contrasts; an exploration into the division between film making and fine art practice in the work of contemporary Australian artists.

Ken--Julia-745x310Kaldor-745x310 Striking-Contrasts2-745x310

Having had a great week, I celebrated on the gallery’s bubbly beverages and practiced talking about the release of The Ouroboros Key. I am not a gifted networker so I need all the practice I can get.

I learnt a few key things from the experience;

1. Practice saying “Ouroboros” before imbibing on any alcoholic beverage.



Now sip the wine…


2. People are generally happy to hear about the new and exciting thing they just asked you about, but much prefer to talk about themselves. Smile, nod, listen politely, and then go back to answering their original question (which was all about you) or head off for cheese and crackers.

3. Pay attention to the speeches. That will be you up there one day. Are there a few jokes sprinkled in, how did they go about thanking people, what about props, stage/riser, lectern and microphone, should probably stick to drinking water or juice before I speak….

Oh, and the art. The salt carved Last Supper was amazing in the detail the artists were able to include. The video works were a little lost on me though; the room was dark so I couldn’t read the accompanying descriptions, it had been a really long day (dark room = nap time), and I’d had three glasses of wine by then. I plan to re-visit during daylight hours.

Tomorrow is the release of my first novel so tonight  I’m celebrating with a glass of wine, an early night, and not going over in my head answers to questions I may or may not be asked, or the correct pronunciation of “Ouroboros”.

4blog little

Odyssey Books are offering a pre-release giveaway. Order now to receive a signed copy and/or a free e-copy. Hurry though, because the release date is 23 March 2014.

Odyssey Books

The Ouroboros Key will be released tomorrow (23 March 2014) at the Blurred Lines Independent Publishing Fair. Come visit the Odyssey Books stand. I’ll be there about 12pm.


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