A great week!

I have had a great week!

The Ouroboros Key was typeset and sent off to the printer.

The cover reveal on Thursday night (Australian time) was very exciting. I was “under the gun” to prepare all the images, posts, blog pages, and links to go live in sync with my publisher, but loved it! Thank you to my wonderful family and friends who picked up my posts and shared them around before I could even blink.

I’ve chosen my outfit to wear to my book signing at the Blurred Lines Independent Publishing Fair on Sunday. Perhaps a minor achievement on the grand scale, but I feel more confident with the right clothes (I’ve gone for casual without being too casual and a snazzy blue and white scarf).

And today, I had good news about my day job (I get to keep it! Lol)

Tonight, I’m off to the opening of an art exhibition at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery. I think I’ll celebrate my week on their bubbly!

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The Ouroboros Key – Visit Odyssey Books for the Cover Reveal Giveaway


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