A first novel released into the big wide world….

ouroboros launch poster

My very first novel was released yesterday, Sunday 23 March 2014, at the Blurred Lines Independent Publishing Fair in Canberra. The Fair was quite low-key and we weren’t rushed with people clamouring to buy the book and acquire my autograph. However, it was a good way to dip my toe in the waters of “being an author”. While we were sitting, smiling benignly on passers-by and browsers, I managed to have a good chat with my publisher, Michelle, on the marketing plan and what happens next.

In a nutshell;

  • Book blog tour
  • Distribution to shops and online outlets
  • Author talks (she slipped that one in quickly and moved on just as fast – must have seen the whites of my eyes)
  • Festivals and fairs (there’s one coming up in Sydney that I hope to get a spot at so stay tuned for updates)
  • A launch event to invite family, friends, and other interested parties to

It is all very exciting and I’m looking forward to it all.

On the 3-hour journey home, when I wasn’t nodding off in the back seat, I reflected on what this occasion means to me. This novel was first born 15 years ago so, in a way, the last few weeks have been all about getting it ready to survive in the big wide  world outside my computer hard-drive. The last few days have focused on letting go. Over the next few months and years, this novel will be loved, knocked back, kicked around a bit, but it will come out on top. It will succeed because my goal with “The Ouroboros Key” was simply to get published. As a writer, I have a long term plan and the release of this novel is just the first achievement of, hopefully, many more to come.

The characters that I have lived with for so many years, through name changes and gender changes, and all their personality “baggage”, I now let go to find their own way in the world. I’m sure they’ll live long and interesting lives (well, most of them anyway).

I now have Romans and Gauls to wrestle into shape and a few Australians to gently guide into the world, and I can’t wait!

Here are a few photos from the day.

book display

signing my autograph for the first time book signing


The Last Supper

Last night I attended an art gallery opening for Ken & Julia Yonetani’s: The Last Supper, Kaldor Family Collection: Artist Room #2 – Francis Alÿs and Bill Viola, and Striking Contrasts; an exploration into the division between film making and fine art practice in the work of contemporary Australian artists.

Ken--Julia-745x310Kaldor-745x310 Striking-Contrasts2-745x310

Having had a great week, I celebrated on the gallery’s bubbly beverages and practiced talking about the release of The Ouroboros Key. I am not a gifted networker so I need all the practice I can get.

I learnt a few key things from the experience;

1. Practice saying “Ouroboros” before imbibing on any alcoholic beverage.



Now sip the wine…


2. People are generally happy to hear about the new and exciting thing they just asked you about, but much prefer to talk about themselves. Smile, nod, listen politely, and then go back to answering their original question (which was all about you) or head off for cheese and crackers.

3. Pay attention to the speeches. That will be you up there one day. Are there a few jokes sprinkled in, how did they go about thanking people, what about props, stage/riser, lectern and microphone, should probably stick to drinking water or juice before I speak….

Oh, and the art. The salt carved Last Supper was amazing in the detail the artists were able to include. The video works were a little lost on me though; the room was dark so I couldn’t read the accompanying descriptions, it had been a really long day (dark room = nap time), and I’d had three glasses of wine by then. I plan to re-visit during daylight hours.

Tomorrow is the release of my first novel so tonight  I’m celebrating with a glass of wine, an early night, and not going over in my head answers to questions I may or may not be asked, or the correct pronunciation of “Ouroboros”.

4blog little

Odyssey Books are offering a pre-release giveaway. Order now to receive a signed copy and/or a free e-copy. Hurry though, because the release date is 23 March 2014.

Odyssey Books

The Ouroboros Key will be released tomorrow (23 March 2014) at the Blurred Lines Independent Publishing Fair. Come visit the Odyssey Books stand. I’ll be there about 12pm.

A great week!

I have had a great week!

The Ouroboros Key was typeset and sent off to the printer.

The cover reveal on Thursday night (Australian time) was very exciting. I was “under the gun” to prepare all the images, posts, blog pages, and links to go live in sync with my publisher, but loved it! Thank you to my wonderful family and friends who picked up my posts and shared them around before I could even blink.

I’ve chosen my outfit to wear to my book signing at the Blurred Lines Independent Publishing Fair on Sunday. Perhaps a minor achievement on the grand scale, but I feel more confident with the right clothes (I’ve gone for casual without being too casual and a snazzy blue and white scarf).

And today, I had good news about my day job (I get to keep it! Lol)

Tonight, I’m off to the opening of an art exhibition at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery. I think I’ll celebrate my week on their bubbly!

4blog little

The Ouroboros Key – Visit Odyssey Books for the Cover Reveal Giveaway

Cover Reveal: The Ouroboros Key

After years of writing, editing, rewriting, editing and so on, I am proud (and somewhat excited) to announce that my novel, The Ouroboros Key, will be released this Sunday. With only a handful of days left to wait, I’d like to reveal the amazing cover that Elijah Toten has created.

Due out 23 March 2014

The Ouroboros Key – due out 23 March 2014

Paperbacks and e-books will be available from my publisher, Odyssey Books and the first lot of printed books will be available at the inaugural Blurred Lines Independent Publishing Fair in Canberra on Sunday. I’ll be there to sell and sign as many copies as I can so do drop by the Odyssey Books stand and say hi (I’ll be the one who can’t stop smiling!).

Would you like to read a little teaser?  The Ouroboros Key

Editing my editing: dastardly quotation marks!

I spent over six hours of a gloriously sunny Sunday afternoon yesterday editing my manuscript. The fact-checking was fine. The tidying up of clunky dialogue and confusing “he said, she saids”, also fine.

Reading through the whole 110,000 thousand words twice in one day to fix errant quotation marks? Not fun at all. The first time was okay, but after finishing with a sigh of relief only to find that said marks were backward, I was ready to scream.

I gritted my teeth and dove back into the word document determined to come out on top. I think I did it. Eventually, skimming through paragraphs looking for stray marks does become easier. Not any less tedious, just easier.

My apologies to my publisher if I missed any.

I did manage to pick up a few he’s that should have been she’s (yes, one or two of my characters underwent gender-reclassification somewhere between draft one and draft four?. I also found a couple of characters finishing off each others’ sentences (woops) and sorted out one or two culturally-different spellings. My novel is set in the USA. I’m firmly set in Australia. Even the quotation marks are different! Hence my need to change them all.

It’s done now though and, hopefully, has saved my publisher some time.

To save myself time in the future, I’ve set my next novel in Australia where I know how to spell and punctuate without having to waste sunshine!

Sharing a few Twitter tips

Trish Anders


Is Twitter not quite as useful as you thought it would be? I’ve been using social media for a few years now and have worked out a few tips worth sharing about Twitter.

Though I started off thinking Twitter a waste of time, I’ve found it receives the fastest responses and contact with people who will share information, and thank you for sharing as well.

The thing is; you have to be consistent, relative, and constant. Being polite and considerate really works too.
Retweet freely

  • The people you retweet will often retweet the same post again, but this time with your tag included
  • They will often thank you for your retweet or mention. If they do this by retweeting, your tag is mentioned again
  • Check the post and/or link you are retweeting. I won’t RT an image that I think is demeaning or in any way inappropriate to my target…

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