Taking a deep breath. Facing fear yet again.

I’m finally at the stage of the publishing journey where I’m required to develop an author’s media kit (my wonderful publisher, Michelle, is compiling it and I do as she tells me). It’s been a year since I was offered a contract and  I still prevaricate between wild excitement and bone-chilling fear.

What if someone asks me to talk about myself?

What if someone writes a bad review?

What if no one writes a review?

What if people don’t like the story?

I call the negative voices, the monkeys. When the monkeys escape their cage they tend to get a little carried away. The key to the cage is fear.

My answers to each of those niggly monkey questions is, take a deep breath and be brave.

Taking a risk is scary as hell, but I’ve (almost) done what I’ve always wanted, publish a book. Next on my list, is keep writing, keep publishing, and travel more.

All are doable. I know because at long last, I’m doing them.


Stella Prize 2014 longlist

Interesting list. I’m looking forward to reading some of these titles.

Whispering Gums

I’m not going to write a long post on the Stella Prize longlist because Paula Grunseit has written a good rundown of the books on the Australian Women Writers’ challenge website. Do check it out if you are interested to know more about the books (which I’ll list below).

The Stella Prize, regular readers here will know, is a new Australian literary prize for women writers, this being only its second year. One prize is awarded for a book that can be fiction (literary or genre, novel or short stories, poetry or prose) or non-fiction.

This year’s longlist was announced yesterday. It includes three books I’ve read and reviewed. (An improvement for me on last year when I’d read none at the time of longlisting, though by the end of the year I had read a few!) As last year, it’s a diverse collection, which includes debut novels, novels by…

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