A Chilli Kiss

Our first tea review at the Tea Appreciation Blog.

Mother/Daughter Tea Appreciation

Our first official tea tasting was Chilli Kiss from T2.

Chilli Kiss from T2

Boiled the kettle, let it sit for a couple of minutes while I prepared the teapot, and munched on a piece of pumpkin seed toast. Outside was a sunny Sunday morning waiting for Cheyne and I to sit, sip, and chat.

The tea has a nice colour (I have a clear glass teapot), not as dark as regular black tea. I let it stand for a few more minutes and then filled my cup and took my first sip.

At this point, I’ll refer you to my earlier article where I pointed out that I’m anosmic and, as such, have no sense of smell and, therefore, no ability to pick up the nuances of flavour. So, the tea tasted to me like hot water with something in it (I don’t like plain hot water), but I couldn’t detect any chilli…

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