November is the month!

I am happy to report that my publisher (Odyssey Books) has narrowed down the release date of my first ever novel to November – just in time for Christmas!

While the novel remains nameless until the end of the editing process (a few more weeks), I can tell you that;

∞ it is speculative fiction,

∞ is set mainly in Colorado,

∞ involves quests and magic and old legends,

∞ and has death, drama, old gods, and new beginnings!

Sawtooth Lake Little Snake River3 North Colo 080505 behind craig

Exited? I am!

Now, I need to decide on a cover, finalise the editing, and organise a book launch.

The first two are a little out of my hands at the moment and in the more than capable hands of professional graphic designers and editors, but the book launch… all I need is an event coordinator and, guest what, I’m an event coordinator! In fact, one member of a whole team of event coordinators who are expert at anything from fancy functions to full-on festivals. How brilliantly handy for me!

We haven’t done a book launch before though so I’ve been undertaking a little research. Last week, I attended the launch of another local author, Karen M Davis. Karen has just released Sinister Intent, a thriller detective story that uses real life escapades from her own experience as a police officer (if only I could wangle a thriller story out of life as an event coordinator…). I’ve scooted it up my priority reading list to next in line and can’t wait to get stuck into it.

The launch was held in the function room of a local club with finger food and an open bar for the guests. The room was packed with mostly family, friends, and colleagues. I’m sure I could manage a function room somewhere and a handful or two of people I know, am related to or can lure in with the promise of free drinks.

The speeches were kept short and minimal. MC on the night was a close friend (also a teacher and used to talking to rooms full of people). I know more than a couple of people who can talk their way out of a wet paper bag and at least one that could sell ice to the Eskimos (I should put her on book sales…). The other speakers were her publisher, agent, and of course, the author.

I’m not much of a speaker (I would prefer a book launch where I didn’t have to actually show up and be the centre of attention), but driven by excitement and nerves, I’m positive I could put a few words together.

As it is right before Christmas, I definitely need a “book sales” table and would naturally be willing to autograph purchased books as well. I’ll start practicing my signature and words of profound wit straight away.


After that it will be party time so I’ll need to schedule the launch for a night when I don’t have anything on the next day.

So now I’m down to picking the date. It can’t be early November because I have a function on then though there will be upward of 300 people attending so perhaps I can work it for that night… even better, I could publicise it that night… now I’m thinking!

The end of November is my husband’s birthday. No problem, he won’t mind sharing the celebrations (even though he will be contributing to the costs). If I tentatively schedule late November that will give me enough time to pick up the Christmas gift shoppers who have left it to the last few weeks to complete their shopping (people just like me in other words).

If you’re an early shopper though, feel free to follow me via this blog, on Facebook or through Twitter (@PatriciaLeslieA) to find out the release date (and the title of my novel) and jot “Patricia Leslie’s novel” beside a few names on your shopping list.

All that’s needed now is the novel…



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A Chilli Kiss

Our first tea review at the Tea Appreciation Blog.

Mother/Daughter Tea Appreciation

Our first official tea tasting was Chilli Kiss from T2.

Chilli Kiss from T2

Boiled the kettle, let it sit for a couple of minutes while I prepared the teapot, and munched on a piece of pumpkin seed toast. Outside was a sunny Sunday morning waiting for Cheyne and I to sit, sip, and chat.

The tea has a nice colour (I have a clear glass teapot), not as dark as regular black tea. I let it stand for a few more minutes and then filled my cup and took my first sip.

At this point, I’ll refer you to my earlier article where I pointed out that I’m anosmic and, as such, have no sense of smell and, therefore, no ability to pick up the nuances of flavour. So, the tea tasted to me like hot water with something in it (I don’t like plain hot water), but I couldn’t detect any chilli…

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