Top 10 Social Media tips for Authors.

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked a lot with social media within an organisation. I’ve managed to learn quite a bit along the way and have picked up a few quick tips I’d like to share.

  1. It doesn’t matter your specific purpose in setting up a social media account, all are designed for one purpose, sharing “brand you” with the world.
  2. Don’t overdo the selling. You want the masses to talk about you in a positive way. They like sincerity and honesty and they can tell when they’re being conned.
  3. People prefer to build relationships, have conversations and share funny or cute photos.
  4. If you’re going to post photos of a product, make it look interesting and intersperse with images of real people doing real things, inspirational scenes with quotes, or amusing animal photos.justify social media addiction
  5. Avoid “posting diarrhoea” and restrict your posts to one or two per day (minimum twice per week) if you’ve got something relative to share. This doesn’t include ongoing conversation. If you have people commenting then you need to be responding.
  6. Follow other accounts.

    Speaking of following. You can find me @PatriciaLeslieA

    Speaking of following. You can find me @PatriciaLeslieA

  7. Be generous and share/retweet posts from other accounts. This also keeps you active on your boards.
  8. Retweet posts that are helpful to other people not just posts that mention you.
  9. Think about what you are posting before you post. This is especially true if you’re responding to an irritating ill-informed idiot.
  10. Change your cover photos occasionally.

Bonus tip: Foremost, I recommend patience. A good fanbase or group of followers will come but you must give it time to grow. Follow the above tips and people will find you, just remember whatever you say on Twitter you say to the world.


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