This is a brand new blog from a writer in progress, Patricia Leslie. I use this tagline because while I have been on the writer’s journey for quite some time, I have recently progressed to the publishing journey. I did quite a happy dance the day I was offered a contract!

The blog, rather obviously, is under construction and I’ll have some witty, irreverent, and occasionally knowledgeable articles to share with you all just as soon as I think some up.

In the meantime, welcome, and I hope you enjoy the journey or at least learn a thing or two along the way.


6 thoughts on “Welcome

    • I’m planning on weekly posts starting the first Thursday in April. You might ask why a Thursday and why the first one in April. Well, let me tell you – waiting another couple of weeks lets me build up my backlog of articles to post and I chose Thursday because then people will have something fantastic to read on the weekend! Also, because stats show (I don’t know which stats or who collated them) that most posts on social media are read at the end of the week… Go figure.

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